Curricular Synthesis

Cuba, November 13, 1983. Bachelor of Fine Arts. Graduated from the University of Fine Arts in Cuba. Havana (2009) and Professional Middle School at the “Samuel Feijoo” Professional Art School, Villa Clara. Cuba (2002). With seven personal exhibitions and  participation in more than twenty collective exhibitions from 2003 onwards, in her country of origin and in others such as Mexico, Italy, Denmark and Portugal.

She has participated in exhibitions such as Ventipertrenta, Dynamic International Museum of Contemporary Art. Italy. (2009),

ARS Latina in Havana and Baja California, Mexico (2009 and 2007), Luz a tu propia Química (Photo library of Cuba,La Habana) and Collateral Exhibition of the Havana Biennial, Superior Institute of Art in Cuba (2006).

She has been awarded the “Juan Francisco Elso” (2010) Scholarship, which is awarded by the AHS (Asociación Hermanos Saíz), a cultural and artistic organization that selectively groups the most important writers, artists, intellectuals and young promoters up to 35 years in Cuba.) and deserved  the III Millennium 2008-2009 scholarship of Spain.

As well as the ISOLE International Prize, Sardinia, Italy (2011); and the First Prize in Contemporary Art awarded by the Exteril Foundation in Porto, Portugal. (2008).


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