Blind Artists

ciego-musico 01  Yusmany Risquet (blind). Musician, composer and singer. He expresses the colors through the music he composes, that is to say, he creates scores to the colors inspired by the impressions felt through the pictorial works exhibited in the exhibition Proverbs. The project “Otras Miradas” opened for this young man a door to the world of color, as he himself has expressed.
He obtains several national prizes in the interpretation of his own subjects, such as the First Prize at the Festival of the National Association of the blind and visually impaired (ANCI) 2011

Musical composition entitled: “Esperanza-al color verde” (Hope- to the green color.)


invidente artist 001   Mario Ernesto Romero (blind). From the age of 20 to 25 he was actively painting, doing pen works and managing to expose them in different galleries, also publishing his works in the book of poetry for children, “La Noche.” He then continues to work with a low vision expressed in strong color reflections such as intense red. He can currently see those color reflections quickly and suddenly.

The “Otras Miradas” Project, reopened his artistic expectations and above all the possibility of continuing to paint

Artworks Before, (With low vision)

pintura ciego001      pintura ciego 002    .tinta_ciego_arte

artworks After, (Without vision)





poeta_ciego_01   José Miguel Ramos (Blind.) He dreamed of being a painter, but at the age of 13 loses eye sight. So he begins to dump all his lyricism in poetry and to find his pictorial world in the verses.
The “Otras Miradas” Project is a way to realize his dream of painting, because the rhymes that  in his  heart  existed as strokes, are now a reality on the canvas painted by other hands.
He has received national and international prizes in poetry, such as: 2nd prize in the Tiflos contest (Spain), 1st place in the contest organized by the Latin American Blind Union (Uruguay). He  also  wrote  an Anecdotes’ Booklet that  was awarded in the contest “Humor para ciegos “, (Spain).



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